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First, my apologies for the lack of posts in a bit while long time. I’ve been busy with moving, school, work, TF2, Warhammer 40K, and MTG. Just so much stuff to do, so little time.

About moving in. It actually went pretty well. We had been packing things into boxes for a few weeks before. We tried to keep similar things together, including glass items, bedroom stuff, etc. So we were decently organized, and only needed a little bit of rearranging at the last minute.

We tried to plan our move a little bit in advance. It’s about 45km from my house (a bit less from Laura’s), so we wanted to do it in one trip. Laura’s parents offered to help us and rent a large (18ft I think) U-Haul truck, which her father drove. We had many of my boxes and quite a few of Laura’s at my house, so we planned to get the truck at 7PM Friday evening, and load it up at my house in town, and then park it out at her house farther out of town and load it up the next morning.

We had asked several of our friends previously if they’d be able to help us move. This was probably the best thing that we could do, as our 4 helping friends were what likely made everything go so smoothly, especially my friend Jimmy who I knew I could count on.

Saturday morning I arrived at Laura’s house at about 7:30, with plans for everyone to show up ahead of time. Laura had moved nearly everything (all the boxes and some light furniture) to the garage the previous day while I was at work, so there wasn’t a whole lot of stuff be brought upstairs. Previously mentioned Jimmy showed a little bit early, and everyone else a bit late. We had started loading right away, with Laura and Allison in the truck moving everything to the back and everyone else loading crap onto the truck.

The hardest challenge was getting the large dresser into the truck, and trying to get the couches upstairs and to fit properly in the truck. Then the guys drove with Laura’s dad to the apartment while Laura, her mom and Allison went to pick up Sophie from the vet in Leamington (about 10 minutes from her house).

So just to put this timeline into place a bit: 8AM started loading, 9AM left for Windsor. 50 minutes to the apartment, so unloading started at about 10AM.

By 11AM, we were done. An entire truckload (18ft) full of our stuff, unloaded in less than an hour. We were done and waiting for 15 minutes before Laura and her mom met us there. Then we all headed back to Laura’s for pizza and beer.

I think there’s some key things we did that really helped us:

  • Planned ahead of time, packing boxes over a two-month period, were most of our non-essential stuff was packed long before move date.
  • Set a determined date, and arrange everything for that day. The sooner you plan the better, as it’ll help people plan their schedules.
  • If it’s feasible, get a moving truck. I don’t think it’d be as effective for moving across town, but for long trips (even 45 minutes), it saves doing several trips. It also helps you get everything done in one bang, and get it all over with.
  • Ask some friends to help, and try to be certain you can rely on them to commit. We had 5 friends helping us, which made 5 haulers and 2 “passers”.
  • Feed your friends/helpers pizza and beer or something similar. It’s not only a good incentive to tip someone into helping you and a great thank-you, but it’s an excuse to have a pizza and beer (or whatever).

There were some challenges for us though, and things that we could’ve thought over first:

  • Our apartment was really cramped with all the unloaded boxes. Unpacking was a chore because it was a game of moving boxes to other rooms just to get them out of the way. Kind of like the game Rush Hour.
  • We could have organized our boxes better, based on where the stuff was going to go. Labelling would’ve helped, too, so we knew were to unload them, to minimize the above problem.
  • Thinking about how we were going to arrange things. We had trouble (and some arguments) about how to arrange furniture and were stuff like the computer desk was going to go.

So far, after about a month and a half of living here, I’m finding I like it. It’s hard for me to keep up on laundry (that’s one of my chores), and the bedroom hasn’t really been organized yet, but it’s pretty homey.

Again, apologies for the blog silence. I’m not going to promise anything specific, but I have a couple other things I want to talk about, including my new job as a Java programmer and perhaps some web stuff that I’m dealing with in creating my blog for PHP class. Also, that website I’ve been working so hard on at my other work has been release. Checkout!

Any comments – let me know in the comments (durr hurr).

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  1. Thank god we’re out of this place now. NO MORE RENT WHOO.

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