First, my apologies for the lack of posts in a bit while long time. I’ve been busy with moving, school, work, TF2, Warhammer 40K, and MTG. Just so much stuff to do, so little time.

About moving in. It actually went pretty well. We had been packing things into boxes for a few weeks before. We tried to keep similar things together, including glass items, bedroom stuff, etc. So we were decently organized, and only needed a little bit of rearranging at the last minute.

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September '08 OXM Cover

I got my September Official Xbox Magazine a couple of weeks ago, but I just finished reading most of it this week. There’s a lot of sequels featured in this month’s magazine – previews for Fable 2, Rock Band 2, and Street Fighter IV. Unreal Tournamant III is reviewed and there’s some features indirectly related to Bioshock 2 and Mass Effect 2.

The cover story and the biggest game of the season so far is Fable 2. Page 44 starts a six page colourful and exciting preview of the game that’s hoping to fulfull the promises of the original, and much more. The screenshots display amazing visuals and the environment that I loved in the original Fable. The most exciting feature revealed here is the multiplayer aspect.

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I could make a silly joke about taking rifle shots at ants, but I’ve had enough cheese today. I usually download some small programs and utilites at work and home, so I decided I’d share my finds. A lot of them are inspired by LifeHacker posts, but some I find on my own. I’ll either post about something I downloaded that day, or failing that motivation, something I think you should download today. I hope to give people some nice tools they find useful, and also motivate some comments to similar or better tools. So, first in the series:

Bug Shooting is a small little application that sits in your taskbar and gives you better control over screenshot taking. It allows for customizable shorcuts for the three different commands it has: whole screen capture, box selection capture, and time-delayed capture. You can specify “servers” to send the shots to, which included some bug tracking systems, skype, or mail application. You can also define custom commands, though I haven’t looked into that.

Once the capture is taken, a window pops up allowing you to crop, rotate, or add things (lines, text, even images) to the screenshot, then save it or send it to that “server”. It’s pretty handy, and while I have found a couple of flaws (it likes to keep the last taken screenshot open, which can have a memory impact if took a large shot), it’s a pretty decent utility, and I haven’t seen any better.

Check out Bug Shooting’s website, and let me know what else is out there and your experiences with this program and others like it.