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Google Reader has become one of my most-used applications online. I never used to read RSS feeds – just a few here and there. But then I found some great ones.

Lifehacker (

Many geeky things, this place has original posts, as well as passes on posts from a large variety of other sites. The comments are very active – it’s a large part of the experience. They even have weekly posts dedicated to comment talk.

Hack A Day (

This is a more techy/geeky place. A lot of harder mods and software projects from all over the place. I don’t really do any of the stuff posted here, but I like to see the cool ideas and fantasize about what I’d do if I had such mad skills. For instance, check out the frikkin sweet robo-dog.

Clientcopia (

This site is great for anyone dealing with Customers or users. It’s pretty much a pile of funny, bad, and awkward Client/User/Customer situations.

DailyLit (

Not a blog, but full books, in email or RSS! You can “subscribe” to a book, most of them free, and have incremental parts emailed to you, or published to a private RSS feed. I first read A Place So Foreign, which got me into Cory Doctorow, and now I’m really into Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. If you like reading, this is a great thing to have around during workdays. You can take a short breaks (5 minutes, maybe) every once in a while to read the next piece.

There’s a bunch of others I enjoy, too:

Computer Science Canada Blog – A great blog from a great community, talking about the study of computer science.

Zeroth Code – A member of, he posts some interesting articles on computer science topics, like Python tricks and opinions on Canadian copyright law.

Futility Closet – Many odd facts, math quizes, and weird stories. No comments, though, which sometimes displeases me.

Dragonmount, WoTMania, Robert Jordan’s Blog, Brandon Sanderson’s Blog – great news updates and other information for any Wheel Of Time fan. Also, the Wheel Of Time newsgroup at Dragonmount is pretty good.

xkcd comics and blag - The comics are great, and the blag even put to test the airplane-on-treadmill conundrum that has kept /b/tards a /g/eeks arguing within themselves for ages.

And of course… Laura’s blog (and Sophie’s too!) doesn’t get updated (ever :( ), but she’s still pretty funny and I get bonus points for linking it.

I’m always on the look out for other good feeds, so if you’ve got any, let me know…

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