Meatcard Challenge SUCCESS

Yesterday I wrote about some photos we took for a challenge to win laser-etched beef jerky. Well, we were successfull! They even gave them a name: The Basement Series. I’m waiting to see the other submissions, but there hasn’t been too much activity. Anyone who’s reading this and thinking about it – JUST DO IT. It was hilarious fun.

I’ll get some photos of the stuff when I get it in. I’m thinking they’ll be A FIRE GIANT cards. Angelo wrote about it, too. I also think there was a segment of it on G4’s Attack of the Show (which I don’t get anymore, boo expensive cable).

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  1. [...] Webalizer reports, and found out a SHIT TON of traffic (97%!) were the six pictures we took for the meatcard contest. They were over 2.2 MB in size each. Oops. I also noticed a few more peculiar things, for one, that [...]

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