Earlier I posted a “solution” to a problem where I couldn’t export. I searched high and low, running through DLLs and assembly references. I thought I had it working by changing the DLL of one assembly reference the to version 10 reference (CR 2008 is version 12). I stopped the post there. Later, I realized the different assemblies were pretty integrated with each other, and you couldn’t just have different versions floating around (DUH). So I changed them all back to version 10.

Of course I still had issues with that. I forget what, but it wasn’t good. I think it wouldn’t run on the production server. That server doesn’t have Visual Studio installed, only the CR engine. The version 10 assemblies I were using were the Crystal Report packages that came with VS.NET 2008.

In order to successfully be able to use all the correct assemblies, I had to do more research. What I ended up doing was completely uninstalling Crystal Reports and reinstalling it, and configuring some Virtual Diretories. The steps and and explanation after the jump.

When version 12 was installed, I had a javascript error on the Report Viewer page. It complained that object “bobj” was not found. It was a javascript object. I found the page was referencing a js file in the directory http://host/aspnet_client/system_web/2_0_50727/crystalreportviewers12/. There was no crystalreportviewers12 directory there, however there was one at the root… and one in the CR install directory, C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\4.0\. Then it was clear that the browser needed to find that folder somehow. I copied it there to test, and it worked. Later, as per direction, we created a Virtual Directory to the install folder. I also had to add C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\win32_x86\ to the PATH environment variable, otherwise I would get a DLL error when trying to export to Excel format.

That pretty much sums it up. But I’m going to outline the steps anyways:

  1. Completely uninstall Crystal Reports (all version, make sure DLLs do not exist in Common Files folder, or Bin folder of web application)
  2. Reboot
  3. Install Crystal Reports 2008, doing a custome install and making sure to install packages for Visual Studio and the .NET framework (I don’t believe they were selected by default, this may have had something to do with it). I opted to install all features on my development machine, just in case.
  4. Add C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\win32_x86\ to the PATH variable (adjust path if needed)
  5. The directory crystalreportviewers12 must be accessible by client browsers from the aspnet_client\system_web\2_0_50727 folder. Copying the folder or creating a Virtual Directory to C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\4.0\crystalreportviewers12 are options
  6. Reboot

I hope this helps anyone having Crystal Report 2008 problems with a ASP.NET site (or helps in any other way). The reason I revisted this was because I am configuring a new developement workstation I was upgraded to at work, and have to go through this process again. It’s good to refresh myself. If I run into any more problems I’ll post them. Please add your comments or ask any questions if you’re having problems!

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve come across the same error when using Crystal Reports 2008 and Visual Studio 2008. I’ve tried the above fix that you’ve provided and have spent quite some time trying to figure it out with no luck! I was just wondering if you’ve figured out anything else regarding this??


  2. You’re getting a javascript error saying “bobj not found”? If that’s the case, take a look at the source of the page. You’ll see some javascript files referenced in the directory similar to aspnet_client/system_web/2_0_50727/crystalreportviewers12/. Make sure that folder structure exists and the proper files are in there. You can find the folder in C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\4.0.

    Let me know how it goes, or if you run across other issues.

    Anthony Aziz

  3. Ok. I think my path is wrong but how do I chg it.

    I believe its going to deep.

  4. I need a bit more information. Where are you seeing that path from?

  5. Konrad Karlsson @ 2009-12-11 09:31

    I would like to know how to change the path in the web.config file. The standard path is worng by one directory level.

  6. Konrad Karlsson @ 2009-12-14 06:55

    No, what i am after is a way to set the path to the directory “crystalreportviewers12″ in the web.config file for the website.

  7. Konrad Karlsson @ 2009-12-14 09:42

    The reason is that when i run my page the server can’t find the directory “crystalreportviewers12?. When i debug the page i find that it uses a faulty path.
    My site-directory is named “CRTest” and instead of looking in “c:\inetpub\wwwroot\aspnet_client\system_web\2_0_50727\crystalreportviewers12\” the server looks in “inetpub\wwwroot\CRTest\aspnet_client\system_web\2_0_50727\crystalreportviewers12″.
    A solution would be to include the directory “crystalreportviewers12″ in my website but i would like to avoid that.

  8. For reasons uknown only half from the submit has been displayed, could it be my browser or the site?

  9. Sorry forklift, I don’t understand what you’re asking. Could you explain better please? I’ll do my best to help.

  10. i have not this folder!

  11. You Saved me a lot of time

  12. Samira, you need to create this folder then, most likely.

    If you take a look at the source rendered to the browser (View Source), you should see that folder referenced in a javascript tag. You should copy it from the location I included in my post:

    C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\win32_x86\

    Or similar. Let me know if you need more help.

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