This past weekend was JordanCon in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve been a huge WoT fan since I started the series back in 2003 or so. I had a great time, and wanted to recap all the things that went on.

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I haven’t posted about it yet, but I’ve got an Android phone last week (HTC Magic, from Rogers), courtesy of my work (F yeah for salary full-time!). Being the geek I am, within a week I want to root it. But if I brick the phone, I don’t think they’ll look to kindly on me. So I’ve got to make sure I backup my image and it will work. I’ve followed the instructions here, got to the recovery system (though I couldn’t backup recovery.img…) “E:Can’t mount /dev/block/mmcblk0 [...] Can’t mount sdcard”.

Some people were saying it’s because the stock microSD card doesn’t work, so I tried another I had lying around. It didn’t work either. So I formatted it (through Settings), and then it STILL didn’t work. Back to google.

Then I find this post (#8) that says to just select backup again … and it worked. I’ve not seen any other posts that mention this, and no actual articles or blog posts (save one) have even brought up the issue, it’s only been comments and replies where I’ve found any information. So here’s an official post addressing the issue. Anyone who has problems feel free to post here or contact me ( and I’ll do my best to help.

Update: I found that I also had to “fix filesystem” once or twice after/before each step, and sometimes do the wipe step more than once in order to get it to work. But, it did. Unfortunately the CyanogenMod images bricked my phone so I’m now using the rooted Hero firmware, though it’s a bit slow so I think I’ll try for rooted stock firmware (though some of the features like the new keyboard and slide to unlock are nice).

Update 2: I used a up to date version of CyanogenMod modded for 32A devices (which is what the Rogers Magic is) and now all works well.

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Top 10 of 166 Total URLs By KBytes
# Hits KBytes URL
1 372 1.94% 789068 23.62% /images/meatcard_photos/moonmen_one.JPG
2 404 2.11% 689487 20.64% /images/meatcard_photos/moonmen_final.JPG
3 259 1.35% 539948 16.16% /images/meatcard_photos/fireandice_final.JPG
4 207 1.08% 437311 13.09% /images/meatcard_photos/fireandice_one.JPG
5 222 1.16% 412961 12.36% /images/meatcard_photos/cornered_final.JPG
6 185 0.97% 381504 11.42% /images/meatcard_photos/cornered_one.JPG

I had a disturbing email yesterday: The domain (aaziz) is about to exceed its bandwidth limit. I only get about 300K traffic any given month – and that’s only lately. What the hell happened.

Well, I found out. Looked through the access logs and Webalizer reports, and found out a SHIT TON of traffic (97%!) were the six pictures we took for the meatcard contest. They were over 2.2 MB in size each. Oops. I also noticed a few more peculiar things, for one, that 68% of referrers were that exact blog post, but the actual blog files weren’t getting a lot of hits. I also only accumulated $0.02 in ad revenue that whole day, so I don’t think it’s actually been a lot of traffic. I’m thinking perhaps a crawler or spam bot or something.

I really don’t have a lot of experience as a web admin, so I don’t know. I’m going to have to keep an eye on it and possibly move the images off-site if it gets bad. I reduced them to 400k each, so I’m hoping that 80% reduction will help. I don’t think it’s hotlinking, as I added hotlink blocking last night and it didn’t do anything. Well, we’ll see. It was only an extra $1 for an additional 2GB this month, so not that big of a deal.

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