NOTE: THIS IS WRONG. I later came across troubles with this approach. As I had a suspicion, all DLL versions have to be the same. This “solution” posted here is no longer relevant. I do, however, have a solution, which I will post shortly.

UPDATE: I’ve posted an updated solution.

(There is a solution here, skip down a ways if that’s all you care about, but the introduction might help some)

Frustrating situation at work today. Here’s the situation. I’m currently building a new report system in .NET (currently implement in classic ASP, like the rest of the site). We’re going to be using the latest version of Crystal Reports (2008, or, version 12) as it supposedly solves some issues with scheduling and other server-side issues.

I’m at a point where I’m actually starting to implement the Crystal Report components and objects into the system to produce report previews, exports, etc. The first thing I do is write the code for exporting (it’s fairly simple). First, Excel exporting, because it’s the most common format our customers/users will use.

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At work I’ve been developing a inital draft for the new company website. Based on some browser statistics, Firefox holds 41% of the browser market, with IE6 and 7 close at 26.5% and 27%, respectively. However, I’m willing to bet a good 30% of the people using Firefox (a statistic pulled out of my ass, of course) are geeks and/or in the IT profession (including web designers). The company I work for is a manufacturing company, who sells machines that make gel capsules. So I have to assume the a larger percentage of the audience will be using IE7 and 6 (IE6 is still out there – there’s a lot of companies still using Win2000).

That about puts them all on the same plate, which means I have to develop for three different browsers, all with their own little perkiness. Of course, I could just use tables – hell, tables work anywhere. Or I could make a navigation bar with images only. But as a geek and supporter of standards, I of course have to use CSS only. And the navigation menu isn’t in a line of text. No, it’s an actual list element. And it’s floated and horizontal, with no bullets.

And the best part – it’s a rollover, drop-down menu. Without Javascript. Of course, that was the point, except in order for IE to accept rollovers properly, I had to use some Suckerfish javascript. Well – at least it was tidy, and worked. Sprinkled throughout the code are little hacks and tricks to make everything fit in place, like !important flags and .margin-top: -2px tricks. In my quest to achieve standards compliance and full accessibility, I have broken my core religious believes and broken my balls over gettings everyone to play nicely. Isn’t it just easier to say eff that browser I don’t care about you? Well, certainly. But then I’d be a rational, productive person.