Today I spotted a weird yet intriguing contest on, saying they’ll give business cards etched into beef jerky using lasers to the first 15 people who photograph a live recreation of one of three Frank Frazetta fantasy paintings. And guess what, we did it. Hit the jump to for pictures and more info.

We grabbed some props, and a bottle of Baijiu that tasted horrible. Then we got to work. We’ve tweeted these on @aazizorg and @GatesAndLogic, and hopefully we’ll get at least one set of those tasty looking business cards, but perhaps taking three different pictures will get us each a set! The first three are the ones we submitted, the others were less than stellar shots. I wish we would’ve been able to do even more, but damn, for such short notice and little amount of props. Check them out an share your thoughts, or post links to your own. Damn are these imagines awesome.

(Damn wordpress media uploader isn’t working – click the links below)

Moon Men (& first photo)
Fire And Ice (& first photo)
Cornered (& first photo)

If I do get some awesome laser jerky, I’m gonna take pictures of it and possibly frame it. I’ve gotta come up with something awesomely nerdy and witty to put on them. Looking for ideas. By the way, the other bro is Angelo, check out his blog.

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  1. Three pictures, THREE WINNERS. We’ll put this up on the site this morning and tweet it.

    Whose basement is that?

  2. That’s Angelo’s (@GatesAndLogic) basement. We found the presence of a pillar and staircase to be highly prophetic.

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  4. cool stuff

  5. Thanks, I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll share photos of my meatcards when I get them. They’d just been shipped today!

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